Hi I'm Sifu Amin Jani

I've devoted my entire life to the mastery of self.

I've intensely studied natural healing modalities, meditation techniques, psychic abilities, ancient secrets, brain power, chi kung, martial arts and many more empowering teachings.

I'm an author of 4 books. I run my own forum online and I have over 14K subscribers on Youtube.

I look forward to training with you!!

Learn To Cultivate Chi(Energy)

Do you know what "Chi" Is?

Chi is Energy.

It is the lifeforce that flows in us all.

The Japanese mystics and martial artists call it “Ki.”

The Indian yogis and sadhus call it “Prana.”

The Ancient Greeks called it “Pneuma.”

Jewish Kabbalists call it “Nefish.”

The Christians call it the “Holy Ghost.”

The Muslims call it “Baraka.”

The Polynesians call it “Mana.”

Once You Learn To Cultivate this power.

You can attain superhealth and super mental clarity.

Lots of incredible benefits including HEALING!!

(I'm not a licensed medical professional. So I can not make any medical claims.)

But I've witnessed and heard of many people healing all sorts of incurable illnesses.


Yes...it's possible with enough dedication.

Xi Sui Jing

Xi Sui Jing is known as a Bone Marrow Brain Cleansing Qi Gong. The scroll containing the exercise was found in a chest at Shao Lin temple by Bodhidharma, also known as, Da Mo. 

Xi Sui Jing means cleanse your bone marrow. Shaolin Monks believe that practicing this Qigong form daily, slows down the aging process by increasing the production of new blood cells and keeping the bone marrow strong.



Tai Chi

Tai Chi is very similar to qigong. It is easy on the joints and helps to improve your balance, flexibility and awareness of your energy. You can gain great health benefits from practicing Tai Chi. Our form is a condensed version of the 37 Posture Yang Short Form.

The greatest health benefits come from the simplest movements. Our form is a great way to learn about the fundamentals of energy.

Yi Jing Jin

Yi Jing Jin Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic, "Is a manual containing a series of exercises, coordinated with breathing, said to enhance physical health dramatically when practiced consistently. In Chinese yi means "change", jin means "tendons and sinews", while jing means "methods"." - 1

Yi Jin Jing is a nourishing and strengthening form of Qigong. It is great for office workers, athletes, fighters, health and wellness practitioners & people from all walks of life!



Once You Gain Energy

The Possibilities Are Endless...

Did you know Metaphysical Abilities are real?

I have hundreds of demonstrations on my youtube channel.

I can teach you all the fun stuff you can do once you get the basic understanding of energy.

Stuff like...

  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Astral Projection
  • Telekinesis
  • Remote Viewing
  • Telepathy
  • Manifestation
  • Magick

The list goes on and on and on...

Lots of fun stuff.

Life is meant to be spectacular.

You deserve to live life to the fullest.

The Big Question is...

Is there any practical use in learning metaphysical abilities???

Can these abilities benefit your life and bring abundance & joy for you right now???

With my techniques you can improve the quality of

your life, and make big changes in all areas of your life.

The Ultimate Chi Training

Bonus Modules!!


Lucid Dreaming : Difficulty Level(3/10)

I can teach you the exact powerful brainwaves. Meditation techniques often not talked about, and a technique so easy that you will be able to fall asleep regardless of how you are feeling at the moment.


Astral Projection : Difficulty Level(8/10)

Can you imagine walking through walls? Can you imagine going to any place you want in the world? Can this be done safely? I got you covered.


Telekinesis : Difficulty Level(6/10)

I'm mostly known in the industry as a high level telekinetic. I've written many books on the subject, and I'm continuing to refine my skills daily. I will teach you more secrets that I've never talked about in my book or my youtube channel.


Remote Viewing : Difficulty Level(6/10)

Remote Viewing is so much fun. But did you know opening the third eye can be very dangerous? Once you learn to safely open the third eye your life can be really amazing. Did you know you can predict the lottery with this ability too? Yup the possibilities are endless.


Telepathy : Difficulty Level(9/10)

I can teach you how to telepathically communicate with your pets, wild animals even plants. It is an amazing practice. You can really truly learn to be a loving person when you master telepathy. And of course...you can do this with humans as well.


Manifesting : Difficulty Level(4/10)

Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? Have you ever heard of the secret? I'm going to teach you how to really truly manifest whatever it is that you want. Not just money. A dream job, dream partner. Amazing synchronicities. Anything you desire. Make life magical.


Magick : Difficulty Level(5/10)

Spells are heavily underrated and underutilized. You can enhance all your psychic abilities and be able to do some amazing things but putting you in to a trance. I will teach you some amazing Magick.


"Would highly recommend training with Amin and Reza. My energy from when I started training has elevated as well as my health it’s amazing the things of learn with them in a short period of time."

- Paul Enriquez

"I needed to learn about healing myself. Over the next decade I was hooked. This was the one stop shop. Everything i needed was available to me. Coach Reza and Sifu Amin changed my life for the better. Check them out!"

- Scott Norman

"Sifu Amin Jani's courses are not just about power. It's a way to live life. I highly recommend him.

-Dewayne Ryines


Is there a money back guarantee?

This course is so powerful and you will receive lifetime access. I will not grant any refunds.

Were should I start?

Sign up Today!! For ONLY $57.95 you are getting a lifetime of knowledge!

What is the difference between UCT & other courses?

Our exercises are based on traditional training that is hard to find unless you go to the mountains of China and find a master to teach you. You will not find this kind of training in any ordinary dojo!!

Can I learn To Heal Myself?

I am unfortunately not a licensed medical professional. So I can't make any guarantees in regards to healing.

Can I learn to Heal Others?

We highly discourage practices that teach you to heal others. There are seriously dangerous side effects, and I also can't be responsible for any health issues that may occur to both the practitioner, and the recipient.

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